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Project Lift Offset Delivery & Management – Gold Coast Airport

CO2 Australia has a long history of successful collaboration with Gold Coast Airport, having been engaged since 2015 to support the development of approvals documentation, management plans and offset monitoring for Project LIFT.   

Project LIFT involved the expansion of the existing terminal building and apron, located in Coolangatta; straddling the border of Queensland (QLD) and New South Wales (NSW). CO2 Australia was engaged to develop and deliver the offset program in order to acquit the project’s offset requirements. This involved determining offset requirements under Commonwealth, QLD and NSW offset frameworks.   

Having established that offsets were only required under the EPBC Act Environmental Offsets Policy, we used our compliant offset GIS database to identify potentially suitable offset properties in NSW. A comprehensive offset strategy and package was developed and approved by the Commonwealth Government.   

CO2 Australia has subsequently been engaged by Gold Coast Airport to implement the strategy, which included landholder engagement, preparation of offset access agreements, field verification of offsets (incorporating the now superseded NSW BioBanking Assessment Methodology) and development of offset area management plans. CO2 Australia successfully gained approval of these plans by the Commonwealth Government, with CO2 Australia continuing to engage with Gold Coast Airport to manage and monitor the offset areas across several years.  

Gold Coast Airport, Queensland Airports Limited

SEQ, northern NSW

2015 – present


Offset documentation, delivery, management and monitoring

Key benefits

Offsets assessed under QLD, NSW and Commonwealth offset frameworks

Trusted provider of both advisory and field-based works over almost a decade

Balancing growing industry needs with environmental stewardship

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