Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct

Supporting our natural environment and ecological restoration

We’re committed to actively supporting the integrity of our natural environment and its restoration.

We are a proud member of the Carbon Market Institute (CMI) and Foundation Signatory of the CMI’s Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct (the Code). We’ve been supporting the Code and its commitments since it was established in 2018.

Client and partner satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us at CO2 Australia, so our business operations adhere seamlessly to the Code.

About the CMI

As outlined by the CMI, the Code of Conduct:

  • Defines best industry practices for carbon service providers, project owners, agents, aggregators and advisers in Australia’s carbon industry
  • Promotes consumer protection and open interaction with project owners, Traditional Owners and landowners
  • Provides guidance to carbon service providers
  • Promotes market integrity, accountability and displays international leadership in carbon project development

Client relationships

CO2 Australia seeks to ensure that we work in compliance with the outlined obligations, as well as implementing best practices in carbon project activities. We value our relationship with clients, ensuring that trust is established, and communication is prioritised through culturally appropriate means. Clients are regularly updated regarding changes in legislation and through annual reports of their land and/or carbon projects.

As a result, CO2 Australia supports a transparent carbon industry with integrity and accountability to provide the best services for not only our clients and partners, but also the environment.

Concerns and complaints

We take concerns and complaints seriously and want to ensure that they can be resolved effectively.

If a client believes we have breached the Code of Conduct in any way, we encourage them to:

  1. Raise the issue with us directly first and, in accordance with the Code, we will investigate and provide feedback within 21 days (or up to 45 if additional time is required). Contact us to lodge a complaint.
  2. If for any reason a complaint has not been resolved as desired, clients can then raise their concerns with the Code Administrator via the client complaint form.

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